We are GameTomo, a Tokyo-based game company that helps amazing indie developers from around the globe bring their games to Japan.

We’re always looking for good people. Here are some benefits to working with GameTomo:

  • We’re a relaxed, friendly game company located in a cool office near Akihabara and Kanda, in Tokyo!
  • We’re well funded, with great benefits.
  • We work together, sometimes lunch together, often play games together, and make sure to enjoy our lives while also delivering the absolute highest quality content to the Japanese gaming audience.
  • We’re an international group with good attitudes and a variety of experiences and interests.
  • We will support you in your personal goals, learning things, and exploring whatever is important to you.

If you think you’d fit in and have something to add, drop us a line! We’re working on some really amazing stuff for the future.

Office Assistant

Ideal Candidate:

  • Native Japanese speaker
  • At least Business English level speaker.Good business phone, emailing and in-person habits (for greeting guests, taking messages, etc).
  • Able to handle filing, organizing, etc.
  • Detail oriented.
  • Willing to keep the office running, greet guests, etc.
  • At least some understanding of gaming world, or willing and able to learn enough to recognize titles and genres, etc. Could learn this on the job somewhat.
  • Good personality that blends with the offbeat nature of our company.
  • Clean and professional, good professional work habits, timely, etc.

Please email us at hello@gametomo.co.jp with your details and resume.