Project Nimbus

The year is 2078

The World of Project Nimbus

The year is 2078. After the devastating wars of the early 21st century, the victors have taken to the skies, living in floating cities above the ruined Earth. Three multinational factions exist in an uneasy peace, patrolling the endless skies with sophisticated flying mechs called battleframes, while on the surface the forgotten Children of Fallen Nations plot terrorist attacks to bring down these "people of the sky."

As the attacks from below grow more relentless and warring mechs trace lines of fire in the sky, a new being is born. General Cybernetics Technology Professor Iwata has put the consciousness of his only daughter into the most sophisticated battleframe ever made...Mirai. But in the heart of her deadly telepathic abilities, a seed of peace awakens.

Enter the world of Nimbus, where battleframes soar around floating cities, orbital elevators tower into infinite space, and deadly hacks turn glittering satellites into weapons of mass destruction…



CV: Kaori Nazuka
Gender: Female
Age: 14
Position: Battleframe co-pilot
Allegiance: MITHRIL. Under contract to CFN Battleframe copilot and super soldier girl, she has undergone surgery to insert a computer chip that connects her brain and nervous system to GCTX-01 Mirai's control system. She is not only a talented and empathic copilot, she also has a sense of purity and a longing for peace.

Battleframe: GCTX-01 Mirai

Esmeralda Ingrid

CV: Saya Horigome
Gender: Female
Age: 28
Position: Commander
Allegiance: MITHRIL. Under contract to CFN
Ex-USAF ace pilot, now MITHRIL’s commander. She is tough, firm, and in control but also knows how to wisecrack and raise the morale of her soldiers.
Battleframe: USS Takao

Yuliana Alexandov

CV: Ami Koshimizu
Gender: Female
Age: 16 (Appears 24 due to genetic enhancement)
Position: Pilot
Allegiance: UCN
Calm and knows how to handle herself in battle.
Battleframe: ZX-05 Zavtra

Colonel Andei Dmitriv

CV: Keiji Fujiwara
Gender: Male
Age: 36
Position: Commander
Allegiance: UCN
Also known as the “Krasnaya Kometa”, Andei is the commander of the Spetnaz Second Battalion. While he has a habit of drinking before combat, he is a tough fighter and a no-nonsense seasoned warrior who cares very much about Yuliana, his second-in-command and genetic sibling.
Battleframe: S37 Terminator (Andei Custom)

Project Nimbus

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