About GameCrafterTeam

GameCrafterTeam was formed in 2008 as a student game-maker team. From 2008 to 2012 the team has made games for free distribution to local audiences and participated in several local game development contests. After its members graduated in 2012, they decided to create commercial games for a global audience. After completing smaller game projects with mixed reception, their third and current game “Project Nimbus” started its development in December 2012.

About Pawee Pakamekanon

Born in January 1990. Pawee got into making video games in junior high school but didn’t start considering it as a career until later on in high school. His main inspiration comes from western sci-fi movies and Japanese animations (‘anime’). He began writing sci-fi fiction as a hobby during his time in school.

While both were attending college in 2008, he formed GameCrafterTeam with 3D artist Nattawat Singneaw, alongside other members. They later decided to make games for a living in 2012.

About Rattapoom Kotchapong

Born in 1981 in a navy base on the northeastern edge of Thailand, Rattapoom got hooked into gaming and computer graphics when he was a young boy. He won a scholarship in 1998 and went to a high school in the United States. While he was living there, he started taking 3D digital art classes as a hobby and participated in various modding circles. After he came back to Thailand and finished college, he got a full time job as a corporate teacher as well as teaching for a short time for the Royal Thai Police Academy. It is around this time that his game prototype and art portfolio caught Pawee’s attention and thus started his involvement with Project Nimbus.